I love Bon Jovi

That’s right. I said it.  Bon Jovi rocks.  In all senses of the word.  He did two concerts here in Honolulu this week and he didn’t even start his tour yet! He’s just on vacation. He must really love his job.

He’s still amazing but he’s also very cheesy.  He dances a lot like I do.

It was RIDICULOUS how excited I was for this concert. All week I couldn’t wait, and I’ve been singing Living on a Prayer non-stop.

He didn’t play I’ll Be There for You though, which was sad.  ” I guess you must be really leaving. I heard your suitcase say goodbye. ” Genius.

David’s DROOOOOOOOOOOIIIIIIIIIIIIID taped part of the show. I’ll attach it….. here.


Yes, I am still alive

Hello Poggi blog fans! (Fan?) I am sorry that I have been gone for so long. I’m sure that it was a dark point in your lives (life?). But have no fear. I’m back! At least for today. What have you missed since October, you ask? Well, in summary:

Chris got engaged to Ryoko!


Mom in hospital

Mom out of hospital


Thanksgiving (so nice)

Chris and Ryoko came to visit


Travel to Atlanta for Christmas (family time, got new pj’s and saw World of Coke and got to visit Kellie!)


Thought about starting to plan our wedding

Found a venue for wedding

Got overwhelmed and stopped thinking about wedding

Went to wedding expo and got re-excited about planning our wedding


Saw Blindside yesterday. Laughed, cried, learned about life

Went to brunch this morning at a new place and had a delicious belgian waffle with fruit

Made brownies.

Okay! I think you’re caught up.   Friends from Austria are coming next week.  New Lost episode on Tuesday! Mom’s still not smoking! Save the dates getting sent out soon. Life is good!


David’s friend Logan is here. It’s fun to have people to show around.  I forget how cool it is here sometimes. There’s been a rainbow every day. Which also means it’s been raining.

We went to  the North Shore the other day and hung out on Sunset Beach. I like that place.  And we got to eat at Cholo’s. Delish.

I’m going to try Nanowrimo again.  T minus 18 days.

Maybe I need anger management

Be aggressive, be be aggressive.

So, those of you who know me know how rude and aggressive I can tend to be. Well, it happened again.  I was out with my Mom and David and some friends last week and I asked a woman if she could move down a seat so that I could sit by David. And apparently I did it in my mean rude way without even realizing.  “Um, excuse me M’aam. I’m sorry to interrupt but would you mind moving over one seat so I can sit with my family?”

She moved and said no problem.  When I sat next to her she asked where I was from,  a common enough question around here and I so I said, “I live here now but I’m from New York”. To which she responds, “That’s what I thought”.


“Well, you know, I had you pegged for the East Coast”.

I thought for a minute, and then asked if I’d been rude or something, and she said, ‘Well, yeah, you were really aggressive, but that’s just what you people are like. I’m from California and we’re much nicer and more laid back.”

I racked my brain for if I could’ve possibly been rude and then realized I may have been a little concise when I asked her, so I apologized and thanked her again for moving.

“It’s okay” she said, “That’s just how you are. We’re just different. That’s all. It’s okay. ”

So there you have it.  I’ll just have to deal with it I suppose, and resign myself to being aggressive.

(It did make me feel tough though.)

Jersey Boys and Ice bars

Vegas baby, Vegas. So fun. Mom and I were flying back from New York and met up with my Uncle, Aunt, three cousins and my brother in Vegas. So fun. There was gambling, pooling, exploring and lots of eating. It was awesome to see everyone.  We went to Jersey Boys one night which was surprisingly good.

After that David, Chris, Barb, Rich and I went to the Mandalay Bay and found the Ice Bar, Minus 5.  It was crazy. They made you pay 20 bucks to get in, which included a drink. You had to get a coat and could trade your shoes for boots.  Then you put your phone and cameras in a locker and get into the ice bar. It was a very large freezer completely covered in ice.  There were ice sculptures, ice chandeliers, ice couches (with fur on top so you could sit). There were Finlandia bottles carved into the walls (We have sponsor). And the drinks came in cups made out of ice.

And then the bar outside was like a ski lodge.

It was pretty cool. I liked the chandeliers made out of ice. I felt bad for the bartenders. They looked cold.

A Dunkin Donuts….. in Space

There’s this random commercial saying that if we do something with the 4G network, blah blah blah, we’ll be able to make a Dunkin Donuts….in space…..

Why? Why would they ever event CONSIDER putting a Dunkin Donuts in space. Before even putting one in the pacific ocean!? I feel that many more people would frequent a Dunkin Donuts here than …in….space….

So dumb.  I’m still going through withdrawal. Hawaii should run on Dunkin.